Hello ! My name is Emmy Druesne and my ambition is to catalyze change.

We are the story of our decisions. And like all beautiful stories, my story begins with a love story. The one I have for North America and that made me live a few years in Canada. Then I decided to combine my two passions: organizational transformation consulting and improvisational theater to professional coaching. My passion is organizational and personal change. The one who sets us in motion.

What decision do you want to take now to get moving forward?





Coaching is defined as the "process intended to favor an environment of growth and potential optimization for the person or a group of people in the respect of their integrity. (...) As a relationship tool and posture, its borrows concepts, methods and tools from the theories of management and organizations as well as the vast psychotherapeutic field. " (Angel & Amar)

Above all, it is a great accelerator that allows - through a relationship of trust - to direct your resources (skills, attitudes, knowledge) towards greater efficiency!

Behind this definition, which may seem a little "bullshit", what happens when we work together? 


I am convinced that we learn by doing, so my coaching is action-based. The idea is to explore new modes of behavior at each session in response to your needs in order to define together what works and what does not work ... and offer you an accompaniment to your measure!

My Alliance with my clients

I work by creating an alliance with my clients. I have 4 basic "principles", and the client can naturally add if necessary, or discuss if one does not seem clear to him.

My 4 principles are:

1. Everything is possible in the space of this conversation. It's about allowing yourself to dream, to see things big or small. Everything is possible. That means giving yourself permission to say and do what you want.

2. Do not hide anything, do not censor yourself. Life will take care of it later without difficulty!

3. The coaching that we are going to experiment with is "in depth", which means that my role is to dig, dig, until I find what will make the most service possible to my client at that time.

4. "Play full out": what does this mean? This means that it is important to play the game at the bottom. Each of us gives 100%.


My clients are all very different, but they have a lot of things in common:

- They want dynamic, effective and concrete coaching.

- They consider that one can laugh and work on oneself.

- They want to change things and get moving.

- They want to have results.



- 8 years of management consulting, in France and Canada, and in the change management (organizational design, support for HR transformation projects, design and training), within large firms.

- 3 years of intrapreneurship within ENGIE, through the Young Professionals Network, 1100 young people in the network, in parallel with my position

- 3 years of coaching practice: Training Coaching Training Institute (CTI), obtained in 2014, over one year & 104 hours of training; training with the United States Samurai Coaching Dojo, between October 2016 and May 2017 with the objectives of developing my skills of coach and entrepreneur in this field (sales); intensive training in California in April 2016 with coach Rich Litvin; 3-month online training around the personal brand (Personal Branding) and how to position yourself (image, posture, presence), with Marisa Murgatroyd (Live Your Message)

- 6 years of group animation: 2 years at Accenture in partnership with the social program "Accent on Community" in Montreal, about 4-5 events per year at ENGIE as part of the mentoring program, and the WIN women's network

- 6 years of theatrical improvisation, in French and English, to play at shows and to teach

- 4 languages spoken fluently: French, English, German and Italian


MY NoT-so-official resume - VALUES & PRACTICES

What are the elements that differentiate my coaching from other offers / coaches?

- I coach the person, not the content. I do not differentiate between "professional coaching" and "personal coaching". I work with all of the individual that I have in front of me.

- I do "deep" coaching. The coaching is articulated around the possibilities of every one; we talk more about our "abilities" in therapy. In coaching, none of my clients "need" me; on the other hand all my clients choose to move. To choose is to "have the opportunity" to move.

 - I believe in the capacity & responsibility we have to create space. Having worked in large companies, employees can sometimes feel "overwhelmed" by the weight of the organization and its processes. The idea is to teach everyone to change their  mindset to see the constraints as many levers to creativity.

- I'm fascinated by this setting in motion that sometimes makes us do things a little different, more daring. What makes some people go a step further? How do they do when they are afraid of a situation? How do they make their decisions? Is being daring womething that we can learn? Cultivate?

- I commit to results.  Although the payment is monthly, we commit each other to working together until the results are achieved. I take full responsibility for the coaching process, while each of my clients takes responsibility for future changes.

Learn. Experiment. Go further.