Hey! I am Emmy Druesne and I am a change catalyst. Take a moment below to watch my video where I share my coaching vision for you.

"Whatever you dream you can do, do it. Boldness has genius, power and magie in it." (Goethe).

"Was immer Du tun kannst oder erträumst zu können, beginne es. Kühnheit besitzt Genie, Macht und magische Kraft!" (Goethe)



YOU wonder What is coaching

Traditionally coaching is defined as "an support process to foster an environment of growth and maximizing the potential of the person or group of persons in respect for their integrity. (...) Tool for professional and personal development, it borrows its concepts, methods and tools to both theories of management and organizations as well as the psychotherapeutic field. " (Angel & Amar)

But it is especially a great accelerator to have a direct access to your resources (skills, attitudes, knowledge) to help you achieve your projects !

What to expect if we work together?

I am convinced that we are learning as we are walking. My coaching is thus action-based. This philosophy relies mainly on theatrical improvisation techniques that I practice and have been teaching for several years.

Through improvisation, we can focus on the following elements :

Say yes! Accept the discomfort of a new situation, apprehend fear to co-build your story with yourself and others. Embrace uncertainty.
- Learn to fail: make mistakes and react with confidence while remaining attentive to the present moment. And remember to identify your successes as well as failures.
- Don’t forget your body posture: enhance your awareness around your habits, your listening and the way you present

Develop your creativity within a structure. Play to experiment and experience to play.

As a former Change Management and HR consultant, I also provide concrete HR advice (appropriate skill/job position, job search, individual interviews).

You don't NEED coaching

But if you want to... Learn. Experiment. Go further...